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R3D2 Consulting

Radical Results. Rapidly Defined and Delivered.

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 What makes us different:
 The Cornerstones of Sustainable Improvement


Our hierarchical view of enterprise performance improvement ensures that we achieve lasting results for your organization:


  • Architecture: program design and operational structure.
  • Metrics: Focus on measures that drive performance and value.
  • Activity: Managing task and talent.
  • Barriers: Identification, valuation and removal.




Top Business Issues We Resolve – Checklist


With our proven process, we have helped organizations resolve a number of challenging business issues:

  • Expenses have been cut to the bone and you have nothing to show for it.
  • Flat or sliding revenue or profit.
  • Important Programs and initiatives are going nowhere.
  • Projects critical to your success are not being accomplished.
  • Firefighting and the crush of day-to-day rules your organization.
  • Quality or customer satisfaction issues.
  • Profits/EBITDA are falling despite best efforts at cost containment.
  • Customers are leaving or your satisfaction rates are flat – or dropping.
  • Budget projections aren’t passing your “smell” test.
  • Efficiencies of scope and scale in a merger or acquisition have not materialized.
  • Few of the bullets in your strategic plan have “completed” checks after them.